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Karla Fisher

Owner & CEO, Authentic Web Solutions


Karla is an experienced web designer, frontend web developer and digital marketer with a reputation for quality development, professional client relationships, and personal commitment to each project she is committed to giving each of her clients the best experience possible.

As a highly motivated web developer and designer, Karla Fisher understands that in today’s market the web is the first stop when it comes to “buying.” Karla specializes in web marketing that has generated extraordinary sales for a variety of companies. She strategically combines her outstanding technical skills with her customized creations to add a “human face” to any company’s position on the web. With a solid background in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, she has a unique ability to translate web design to a fully functional website that either use a content management system and/or an ecommerce platform. Aside from technical experience, Karla has a passion for helping non-profits succeed in a very competitive arena to attract new donors and volunteers.

Prior to establishing Authentic Web Solutions, Karla held frontend web developer and UX/UI developer positions with companies in the Dallas, Texas area. She has a passion for learning new trends in technology in the ever-changing online marketing arena, with a primary focus on developing easy to use, SEO focused, and mobile friendly websites.